“[I am] reporting my experience with my new Taylor-Made LT irons [refitted] with FST shafts. Here it is:

First and foremost, these are THE BEST CLUBS I HAVE EVER PLAYED!

My distance has increased by almost 1 club length – I am now hitting my 7 iron 150 yards. I needed a 6 iron to hit 150 before. The ball flight is higher and my shots stop quicker – I can “fire” at the pins without going over most greens. My concern about vibration from switching from graphite to steel has not been a problem – These shafts have the playability of graphite with much better accuracy.

I compared my 5 iron to a friend’s exact same club but his with a “Rifle” shaft - mine with the FST shaft seemed to play a bit longer with higher ball flight. He agreed after trying mine. My confidence with these new irons has improved a lot – and most important of all - My index has dropped from 10.5 to 9.2 since switching to the new irons – I expect it to be around 7 by the end of the summer”
Joe Ramos
- Avid Golfer


“I have played Rifle 6.0 shafts for the past ten years and have found them an excellent shaft with better performance characteristics than either the Dynamic Gold 300S or the Hogan '4', This past weekend I had a chance to demo the FST shaft and found it to be a superior shaft to any I had played. The demo team had several shafts to test and I was able to find one that fit my preferred ball flight and feel. The FST shaft had more feel with less effort than any shaft with which I had previous experience. The key to any of these shafts is to reduce vibration and give predictable performance with minimum effort. I have tried out both of my newly fitted clubs, and really like the feel and performance. I have now begun the process of retro-fitting [the rest of my] favorite set of blades with the FST shaft and am excited to reap the benefits.”
Doug Smith
- Avid Golfer


“I have been testing a lot of Jr shafts lately. FST has been the only shaft to
a. freq consistently across a set.
b. weights were all consistent
c. have a thicker chrome on them than the stuff that sometimes flakes off
d. has the flex point in the right place.
e. has a shaft that needs to be tipped for Jrs. vice the glue and butt trim to length shafts.

I have just finished building yet another junior set for a AJGA tour player (Gulf States Tour). He said he never had a better set of clubs. The shafts made all the difference. You should see the change in this kids’ ball flight. If the rest of the line is this consistent, all I have to say is, ‘nice stick’”.
Michael Stankewicz
- Engineer with Lockheed Martin Corporation, club builder, and avid golfer


“I am a user of the FST ProVision and have used them on three sets of irons so far. I find them to be very high on the quality end… less than .004-.005 deflection around the shaft on my NF2 in raw length at the 36" length that I use for irons. That is very good! Better than most any iron shaft I have brought into the shop. Not as much residual bend as many. Residual bend, being what it is in steel shafts, is something to consider when deciding on what you are going to use from a clubmakers standpoint. The ProVision shafts are also very adjustable w/ different trimming options. I build on slopes w/ a frequency meter so I don't follow mfg. trimming instructions. From what I have seen, you get about 4 CPM per ½.”
Scott Starks
- Club-builder, avid golfer, and FGI forum member


“Having played with the same set of clubs for the last 15 years, I was completely unaware of the differences that trimming a shaft can make to a golf club. When I arrived at the ProVision demo, I asked to hit a club that would allow my 5 iron shots to travel farther [low trajectory]. I was given a club to try, and I hit the ball farther than usual and with a lower trajectory. However, I only hit about 3 out of every 10 balls well. When I started using the 5 iron with the mid trajectory shaft, I had no trouble at all getting the ball into the air. It traveled with a higher trajectory (than the shaft I had tried previously) as well. I sacrificed about 10 or 15 yards of distance from the first club that I had tried, but the results were much more consistent. I now understand the importance of having clubs custom fit to the player. I have always had trouble hitting the low irons in my bag. Having new shafts fitted and put onto those clubs may bring those clubs back into play for me. Thank you very much for the valuable information.”
Steve Sheldon
- Avid golfer


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