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Far East Machinery Co. Ltd., (FEMCO), established in 1949, is an international corporation specializing in precision, high quality steel products and services with over 1,000 employees worldwide.

FST (FEMCO Steel Technology) became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FEMCO in 1993 and has become the second largest steel golf shaft manufacturer in the world.

FST steel shaft processes incorporate innovative manufacturing methods and advanced technology that are basic to FEMCO from its long history of designing sophisticated CNC machine tools and precision steel tubes.

FST is committed to the development of precision manufactured, high-performance golf shafts. FST and KBS branded golf shafts are growing in popularity with golf professionals, amateurs, and club makers worldwide.

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Steel shafts are the No. 1 choice for irons on all pro tours. Golf professionals and skilled amateurs alike appreciate consistency and accuracy and, as a result, have long preferred steel shafts in their irons.

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